Hi! I’m a Nerdy, Reform Jewish, girl from an interfaith family. I go to a very Christian middle school in the very Christian city of Hartford, but I live in West Hartford. My interests? I’m an avid reader who especially likes fantasy and sci-fi. I am the Dungeon Master for the school’s Dungeons and Dragons lunch club. I play Magic the Gathering and read a lot of Warriors. I am in the Hebrew School at Congregation Beth Israel. I’m blogging my parsha for my Bat Mitzvah project. My Parsha is Shof’tim. That’s the famous Tzedek, Tzedek, Tirdof parsha that people use in speeches a lot. It might mean I would have to come up with something MLK worthy… if I was reading that part. 🙂 Instead, I’m talking about the preparations for war. On this blog, I’m going to write about my interpretations of Shofatim or my Haftora portion, you’re going to ask me questions, and we’re going to work on answering them. There are some rules:

1)      Be nice! Don’t trash talk someone who has a different idea than you have. If you don’t want to be constructive, then don’t say anything.

2)      Don’t be shy! Tell me if you have a different interpretation, find a Midrash on my parsha, or want me to explain.

3)      Don’t spam me. I’m twelve. Take your hacker codes elsewhere. Or better yet, knock it off! It’s not funny.


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