Horses And Chariots

“Sus V’Rekev”

“When you [an Israelite Warrior] take the field against your enemies, and see horses and chariots- forces larger than yours- have no fear of them, for the Eternal your G-d, who brought you from the land of Egypt, is with you”

First of all, why are we told specifically not to fear forces larger than yours (ours)? Plenty of times I have stood in with my friends and feared the person in front of me, from our 6+ foot Army Drill Sergeant science teacher, to a bully in 3rd grade, to a friend (She was poking me, by the way, and she’s kind of a pointy kid.) Elephants are not as dangerous or as fearsome as crocodiles unless you have elephant-phobia. Or something. And I see no reason why a huge army of untrained people with shoddy weapons should not fear a handful of elite awesomeness warriors. Bigger is not always scarier.

Second of all, why does it say “see horses and chariots” whereas in the Hebrew it does not have plural nouns but singular ones: Sus, not Susim, and Rekev, not Rekevim? I have heard the translation that the Horses and Chariots will be as weak as one Horse and Chariot and so G-d already is counting them as such. I think that’s right as this “shrinking” happens in Exodus 15:1: Horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea. Both times G-d or the speaker is saying “Look, they’re so weak you can defeat them as easily as if they were one. What do you think?

By: Me, with help from G-d.



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