About my synagogue and why I am doing this.

Yeah… I’m not very good at explaining why I’m doing this. But I have to make this entry. And so here I am. So I guess I should explain how stuff works at my synagogue, CBI.
So when you become a Bat Mitzvah at CBI, you have to do a whole bunch of things that everyone else is doing. And everyone has done. For, like, ever. I’m not sure you get to be Bat Mitzvah if you don’t do them right. And so everyone does them. It’s Tradition. So I think I have to talk about them. We have to go to a bunch of services, which is fun. (For me.) You get to know the people and how they lead services. Rabbi Pincus has this habit of doing Every. Single. Prayer. In the Siddur, including the ones nobody else knows. But he often does my favorite tune to Yismichu. (Link to sound probably forthcoming.) Rabbi Shaffer does all the camp tunes. Cantor likes Nigunim (am I spelling that right?) and she has a trained voice so she holds out the last note of a song for AGES and AGES and AGES (circa about 45 seconds, but still…). And she has a drum. It’s a very nice little African drum that she uses to accompany herself. She keeps it behind the curtain in the Secret Rabbi Room. And Rabbi Fuchs, our Rabbi Emeritus, (which is a phrase I copied from a Shabbat Bulletin without knowing what it means) asks easy trivia and then throws candy at us. (Think “What book of the Torah do we find the Mi Chamocha in???” “Exodus” *large bar of kosher Israeli chocolate gets thrown at me* *OM NOM NOM!!!!*) So now you know my Rabbis. Another thing you have to do is: Get a tutor, learn the service, learn your Parsha, learn the trope marks, and write a speech. And then, you have to lead services. And you have to do a Mitzvah Project. My classmates are currently ending World Hunger and Cancer and Poverty and Homelessness and all the things that are so wrong with the world that they need capital letters. I’m here, blogging. HAHAHA I WIN. NOT! This is harder than it looks. And maybe I’ll even get you interested in Torah. I hope. So, how did I pick preparations for war as my part of Shof’tim…?
I was given Shof’tim. My Birthday is in July, but the Rabbis will be on vacation during July, so my Bat Mitzvah is in late August. And then, since we only get to do 3 or 4 Aliyot at CBI, I had to pick between Cities of Refuge, Unknown Murderers, and Preparations for War. I picked preparations for war, and the rest, I hope, will be history.
By: Me, with help from G-d


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