Words in Hebrew come from a 3 letter root, e.g. Melech-מֶלֶךְ-Mem, Lamed, Chaf.  So you can tell part of the meaning of the word by its root. For example, yimloch  must have something to do with being a ruler. One problem? The Israelites liked wordplay. So, for example, you might have two words like “built” and “understanding/insight/intuition” linked by the same root because someone thousands of years ago thought it was a good idea. So this is another one Rabbi Pincus noticed. Shalom, peace, is built from the same root as Shaleim, whole. this is because when you are at peace with yourself you feel kinda whole, like there isn’t anything missing. Kind of interesting. And I thought English was weird… 🙂

By me, with help from G-d and Rabbi Pincus


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