I did it!

Well, it’s been eight days since my Bat Mitzvah, and here I am again. It doesn’t mean I should stop doing my mitzvah project. Instead, there’s a few lines that I read during the service that sum up why I’m still here, even though I no longer have do this.

“And when the service ends and the prayers have ceased,

Help me to bring their spirit into the world in which I live.

May I love G-d above all, and my neighbor as myself,

And be a living witness to the truth that never changes.” –Mishkan T’filah: Services for Shabbat ; a Reform Siddur

This really sums up everything about my Bat Mitzvah project. I wanted to bring the Torah into your everyday lives, so you would think about it and apply it to how you lived. And hopefully, it worked. Because you should keep thinking about Torah, even if I don’t post as regularly or as often. I hoped I inspired you to think about Torah a little differently. I know you guys inspired me, too.

By me, with help from G-d and the Siddur.


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